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7 Cookbooks Every Man Should Own

Cookbook for beginners: the principle of cooking

Admittedly, this book does not fall into my loot scheme anymore. But there are young people around me who are starting their first household. Sometimes my phone’s Messenger pops up with questions like: Do you have a recipe for roulades or how do I make a salad sauce? I think with this book some young beginners will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

There are 48 basic recipes on more than 300 pages, such as the principle potato gratin, the principle pot roast, vegetable curry, sauce fond, a muffin with step-by-step instructions. Once the first experiments have been successful and the interest has been aroused, the experiments in the creative laboratory are on the way. There is pulled out of the potato gratin for a Gratin with Beetroot, pumpkin or pear. The pot roast is suddenly accompanied by a fiery hot Sauce. There are no limits to the imagination.

Learning to cook does not work from one day to the next. The relaxed Routine is created by repetition and daily use. This book makes it easier for young chefs to get started with lots of fun and fast success experiences.

Meat: recipes and practical knowledge about special meat pieces

The Cover already clearly shows what it’s all about: a wonderful leg slice announces over 70 creative and innovative recipes in the spirit of the “Nose to Tail”. Ludwig “Lucki” Maurer gives us a very responsible book here. It conveys its important message without raising its index finger. “Flesh” convinces with concentrated competence. Professional chefs and ambitious hobby cooks are addressed, who do not want to implement every recipe one-to-one but are looking for sound information and Inspiration on unusual pieces of meat.

Ludwig “Lucki” Maurer uses in his recipes rarely offered (and demanded) pieces of meat such as cow udder, Onglet or throat. The book includes dishes such as” Ossobuco without frills”,” salad of the plucked pig’s tail”,” Bavarian Häggis with pearl barley “or”trilogy of the heart with Chorizo Vinaigrette”. The very extensive Recipe section starts with the animals of bovine, pig, and Wild with the separation plan and photos of the Disassembly of the respective Tiers. The book covers beef, pork, game, lamb, goat, and rabbit. The recipe section is supplemented with basic recipes for sauces and funds and the cooking technique chapter.

Meat does not grow in plastic bowls in the supermarket and before each meat consumption stands the killing of a living being. In the book, Ludwig Maurer describes how his attitude towards meat has changed. For me as a reader, it becomes transparent, which is why it is important for him to use an animal as a whole. It is not justifiable to eat only the noble parts and to dispose of the Rest or to “muddle”. With this book, Ludwig Maurer shows us that we can prepare a tasty dish from every piece of the animal.

In the last chapter, “From animal to meat,” explains Ludwig Maurer, the different methods of killing, the classification of Meats, meat labeling, meat maturation and the use of Horn and bone.

He presents the different animals in the chapter “livestock breeds and rearing”. To the animal’s beef, pig, sheep, and rabbit there are photos and short breed portraits. Keeping and feeding are also explained and the difference between farmed and wild animals.

YOUR KITCHEN – a trip through the winter

With a good wink, I introduce you to this book. The reason is that two very dear people were allowed to participate:

I like the Work of the two and since it was logical that I had to buy in YOUR KITCHEN.

The cookbook with over 150 simple to sophisticated recipes and ideas bring us full and happy through the Winter. In the chapter “pure in the Winter” the desire for hot and heartwarming rises. In” in the middle of Winter ” you will find recipes that make every day a holiday. And when the longing for spring-like freshness is strongest, it is “out with the Winter”! Simple but sophisticated recipes for soups, salads, pasta dishes, Roasts, desserts, drinks and much more. In addition to Inspiration, however, the focus is also on commodity customers with a lot of information about the ingredients. There are also menu suggestions to pamper guests and experience an unforgettable evening.

The book is available at the REWE market, and get a taste you can on the Homepage of REWE.

The new Smoker kitchen-grilling, smoking

This book by Tom Heinzle is all about Smoke. This is the typical Smocking with a “locomotive”, but also ceramic grill and water smoker to use.

To the beginning of Tom Heinzle’s info on the typical BBQ Smoker, Kamado, and water smoker. The right incense Wood is explained as well as meat maturation, animal husbandry, and cutting. From Page 30 the first part of the recipe begins, here you will find recipes such as “smoked char tartar”, “Pulled Lamb”, roast beef meets coffee” or flambéed apricots from the BBQ Smoker”. Finally, there are all kinds of spice mixtures such as “base BBQ spice mixture” or “wild spice”.

In total, there are almost 80 recipes that show more than the previously known spectrum of Smoker cuisine. Tom Heinzle shows with his nearly 80 recipes that you can do much more with smoke than Pulled Pork, Spare Ribs, and Brisket. But of course, these classics are not missing in the book, with the certain Schlenker a la Tom Heinzle in the recipe. The recipes can be not only a classic Smoker implement but are also for owners of portable grills, water smokers, pellet grills or gas grills interesting, because you can smoke on almost any Grill.

5 culinary books-tips for summer

It is summer and the days are longer. Since we finally have more time to cook. Not all great dishes can simply conjure up from the sleeve. It doesn’t have to be, because there are endless inspiring cookbooks that help. But cookbooks are not just books with recipes. Some books tell stories about smells, tastes, Aesthetics and love for food. They are also books with pictures that show the beauty of lovingly prepared dishes and stimulate too much creativity in cooking.

We introduce you to some of our favorites. It’s worth looking at and/or reading – even if you don’t cook from it. Get lost in the pictures, the scents, the tastes and get a little holiday home.

A casa-Claudio Del Principe

You love Italy and Italian food? Then this book is just right for you. In this visually appealing book your accompanied chef Claudio Del Principe, during a year in the creation of his culinary works of art. In his cookbook you will not find – as usual in cookbooks – one recipe after another with a list of ingredients and instructions. Here, as the name “diary” suggests, it is much more about the history of his dishes – where he buys his ingredients, why he makes the recipes as he makes them, and what meaning they have for him. So he tells us about the poetry of the perfect Pasta, about Sardinian tricks or how to get closer to the perfect bread step by step.

Whether for cooking or as a holiday reading – this book is pure Italy.

Vegetarian Delicacies – Yotam Ottolenghi

The recipes are a dream. The images of poetry. This cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi convinces from A to Z and is proof that vegetarian cuisine does not have to be boring – on the contrary. More elaborate recipes like the “Cannelini bean paste with pickled mushrooms and Pita croutons” or the “spinach roll with Taleggio” convince as well as simpler recipes, such as, for example, the “salad with carrots and mung beans”, or the “artichoke and Mozzarella with Candied lemon zest”. Short introductions to each recipe give tips on how to prepare, the ingredients or how to replace them. Beautiful colored pictures make every even so rich stomach immediately hungry.

There are other great cookbooks by Yotam Ottolenghi – it’s worth checking out (especially in his latest work “Simple. cookbook»).

Quick kitchen for guests – Donna Hay

You have guests tonight, want to conjure something special, but you have little time to cook? Then you need this cookbook by Donna Hay. It gives you many ideas for quick dishes for guests and presents ready-made three-course menus. First, recipes or menus are presented, which can be prepared well also during the week with minimum time expenditure. The “last-Minute Dinner”, for example, consists of a Halloumi in vine leaves, a chili-garlic chicken with lemon and a quick ice Tiramisu. This is followed by recipe combinations for Saturday evenings, where especially the Asia-Fusion Menu or the fast summer menu convince. Then there are inspirations for the Sunday lunch, for special occasions as well as for barbecue and Brunch. For each chapter, Donna Hay also gives tips on style and Styling so that your guests will be impressed not only by the dish, but also by the decoration.

Many guests and little time? This combination doesn’t always have to be bad – this is what Donna Hay shows us.

Spelt Baking Book – Judith Gmür-Stalder

A simple aperitif brought me to this cookbook: a friend baked the perfect Grissini for a birthday. Never before had I eaten homemade Grissini and for the first time I realized how good they could taste. The Spelt pastry was the book already on my table. And it is needed again and again. The book contains, in addition to in-depth information (Spelt) flour and bread-making, many fine, and most of all, easy recipes. The descriptions are clear and the ingredients can (almost always) be found in “normal” supermarkets. The book proves that simplicity does not mean boredom: although the recipes are prepared quickly, they are innovative and present interesting flavor combinations. For example, lettuce is added to the diet, Focaccia is enriched with red cabbages and bacon, and the nut top is supplemented with pumpkin seeds. Many pastries are therefore suitable for a quick but special night or as a souvenir.

A rainy, day? Why not bake again! The Spelt baking book gives you the necessary Inspiration and support.

The Koch – Martin Suter

Right, this is not a cookbook. But a book about cooking. If you don’t know what to read this summer, then this is certainly the right book for you. It lets you revel in the scents that seem to come straight out of the book through the beautiful descriptions of Martin Suter. It is a “Feel-Good book” where you can simply switch off and leave everyday life behind. This novel is particularly suitable for lovers of curries – we would not like to reveal more at this point. Let yourself be surprised and immerse yourself in a world full of fragrances.

A lot of time on the beach? Waiting while your bread thrives in the oven? Grab “The Koch” by Martin Suter and treat yourself to pure relaxation.


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